Samsung & AO: Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

Art Direction

The Challenge: This project was a unique collaboration with dual objectives. For Samsung, the goal was to demystify their cutting-edge TV technology, making it easily understandable for consumers. For AO, it was about infusing their fresh visual identity into a live-action setting, marking a significant brand evolution.

Our Approach: Tackling Samsung's challenge, we crafted a series of persona-based videos, each tailored to resonate with distinct consumer interests—Movies, Sports, Family, Gaming, and Tech enthusiasts. These videos not only simplified the tech but also highlighted its real-world benefits, making high-tech relatable. On the AO front, I took the lead in art directing an abstract, yet inviting environment that vividly brought to life AO's bold color palette, distinctive shapes, and lighting. The result was a space that was both visually striking and warmly welcoming, perfectly embodying AO's new brand identity.

The Result: The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Samsung was thrilled with how effectively the technology was communicated, bridging the gap between complex features and consumer benefits. For AO, the live-action embodiment of the brand's visual identity marked a pivotal moment in its brand journey, setting a new standard for how the brand is experienced and perceived.