AO Visual Indentity


The Challenge: At the threshold of transformation, AO aimed to transcend its identity from a top online retailer to a brand that resonates deeply with families everywhere. This journey was about encapsulating two decades of rich culture into a refreshed, digital-forward brand image.

Our Approach: The groundwork was laid in partnership with, where, as part of the pivotal internal team, I played a key role in shaping the initial vision. This collaborative phase was crucial, establishing the bedrock of our brand's new direction. From this solid foundation, we soared, taking the initial concepts and pushing them further. I spearheaded the expansion, developing an expansive range of assets and templates. This toolkit wasn't just vast; it was designed with flexibility and customization at its core, covering everything from fluid motion graphics to immersive 3D designs. Our aim was clear: to arm AO with a versatile identity that could adapt, resonate, and stand out in any context.

The Result: The transformation was striking. Our comprehensive suite ensured AO's presence was felt consistently and vibrantly across all platforms. The ease of use and adaptability of our designs brought AO's brand to life, making complex visual narratives accessible and engaging. With this renewed identity, AO stepped into a new era, not just seen as a retailer but experienced as a dynamic, beloved brand.